100 weeks, 100 invertebrates


That’s right, I’ve drawn 100 invertebrates over the past 100 weeks! Today’s comic: one hundred invertebrates is a compilation and celebration of all my previous comics. I’ve included invertebrates from the previous 99 comics I’ve drawn and added a bonus 100th invertebrate that will be featured next week. I’ll send some interviews with invertebrates swag to whoever posts the first comment that correctly locates and identifies the mystery invertebrate. Need help? Check out the complete collection of past comics to start crossing invertebrates off your list. Happy invertebrate-ing!

Also, I’m really proud to have continued this project for 100 straight weeks, even through multiple field seasons, my PhD General Exam and grad school stress. These comics have let me keep art in my life even through the stress of getting a PhD. But it has also been a lot more than that. I’ve shared comics with folks in science at every level including professors, teachers, grad, undergrad and high school students, as well as those who don’t think about science everyday including friends, family, neighbors and others. I’ve helped people learn new things but mostly I’ve learned a whole lot myself. Comics have enabled me to connect with other scientists, learn about their research and take on the challenge of translating it for the general public. It’s been a great experience. And hopefully I’ve been able to convince a few folks that invertebrates are cool and important along the way! To the next 100!

To all the fans, thank you so much for the support and keep your spineless excitement coming!

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