dung, du-dung, dung, DUNG!

Guess what…it’s my 30th comic! To celebrate, a dung beetle tribute to The Beatles. And also the first terrestrial invertebrate to be featured on Interviews with Invertebrates. Dung beetles have some famous eco-friendly habits making them a suitable invertebrate for wishing you all a Happy Belated Earth Day! Check out today’s comic: a beetle road

Also, catch a few dung beetles in action: BBC Earth – Kung Fu Dung Beetles



intimidating invertebrates

What’s the scariest marine animal you can think of? A shark? Think again.  Many different kinds of marine invertebrates like snails, jellyfish and octopuses have venom they use to paralyze their prey.  Learn more in today’s comic: venomous villains


To learn more about the venomous villains featured in today’s comic:

Cone snails – National Geographic: Cone Snails

Box Jelly- National Geographic: Box Jellies

Blue ringed octopus – Ocean Conservancy: Blue-Ringed Octopus


algae astronomy

You’re definitely familiar with twinkling stars in the sky, but what about sparkling stars in the ocean? You won’t find these marine constellations in Neil deGrasse Tyson’s planetarium, but they are just as cool and aren’t light years away!  Check out today’s comic algae astronomy to learn about glow in the dark algae!