trilobite thriller

‘Cause this is thriller, thriller night
And no one’s gonna save you from the beast [fossil?] about to strike

Can you tell I’m ready for Halloween? You better watch out for those spooky ghosts of invertebrates past (…fossils). Learn more about extinct trilobites and the fossils they leave behind in today’s comic: trilobite thriller

Also, be sure to check out the trilobite fossil gallery at the American Museum of Natural History and follow the hashtag #TrilobiteTuesday for weekly trilobite fun.

Need some more spooky facts? Learn more here.



the zooplankton club

It’s the first day of classes here at University of Washington! Instead, I’m having an awesome time out on the R/V Rachel Carson working on a project studying the effects of low oxygen zones on zooplankton in Puget Sound which inspired today’s comic. I encourage you to get to know your local zooplankton too…join the club!

For more information on zooplankton check out the Plankton Chronicles and use this handy guide to identify some Puget Sound zooplankton for yourself!


urchin searchin’

A real life underwater mystery machine! The submersible, Cyclops I (OceanGate), has been at the University of Washington’s Friday Harbor Labs through a collaboration with SeaDoc Society for the past week solving some of the scientific mysteries of deep marine ecosystems in the San Juan Archipelago. Check out today’s comic urchin searchin’ to learn more about the Cyclops I mission to find the deepest dwelling red sea urchin.

To learn more about the research done in the sub, check out the Seattle Times article on the projects!


The big 5-0!

IT’S MY 50th COMIC! To celebrate, I’m excited to release an extended full 2 page comic on a topic that is near and dear to my scientific heart: effects of ocean acidification. Learn more about the CO2 blues this week!

I originally made this comic as my write-a-thon submission for ComSciComPNW, a local science communication conference, and I’m excited to finally publish it after incorporating feedback from other grad students and communication experts.

On another note, I’m really proud that I have been able to consistently release comics every Wednesday for almost a year.  Grad school is hard and it’s difficult to make time for hobbies that keep you sane. Thank you for following Interviews with Invertebrates and holding me accountable for putting out new material.  To another 50!

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