date dance

I just finished up the first week of 2020 at the annual Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology meeting where I learned about some pretty cool invertebrates. Graduate student, Sebastian Echeverri, University of Pittsburgh, studies mating dances of the jumping spider Habronattus pyrrithrix. Add some new moves to your dance repertoire in this week’s comic: date dance.

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Texas titan

Happy New Years folks! Later this week I’m heading off to Austin, Texas for the annual Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology meeting so today I’m releasing another comic in my “United States of Invertebrates” series. Since it’ll be my first time to the Lone Star State, I did a little research on the invertebrates that Texans are particularly fond of. In today’s comic: Texas titan, meet the Lightning Whelk, the official state shell of Texas!

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sweet sponge

Worried about putting on some pounds this holiday season? Fear not – the sponges have the perfect diet for you! Learn more about how tropical sponges can consume sugars from seawater in today’s comic: sweet sponge.

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piece of pie

What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving? Let me guess…the amazing diversity of invertebrates on Earth? Am I right? Check out today’s comic, piece of pie, to learn more about where invertebrates fit in the “pie” of life.

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I’m thankful for you and all the readers for coming back every week, and for friends and researchers who’ve provided continual inspiration for my comics! Happy Thanksgiving!


kelp clearers

Are you hungry? Not as hungry as these purple sea urchins! Recent research shows exploding urchin populations have munched their way through most of the healthy kelp forests of the California coast. Learn more about these kelp fiends and the damage they have caused in today’s comic: kelp clearers.

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