About the artist


That’s me with a California Sea Cucumber, Parastichopus californicus!


My name is Sasha Seroy and I am a graduate student in oceanography at the University of Washington currently studying how predator-prey interactions in marine invertebrates are affected by environmental changes like warming and ocean acidification.  I got hooked on invertebrates while studying ecology and evolution at Stony Brook University where I got the opportunity to work with marine molluscs in a local salt marsh.  After graduating, I explored the world of freshwater invertebrates with my students as an environmental educator in the Catskill Mountains. Since then I have moved back into the world of marine invertebrates, this time learning about the biodiversity on the west coast of the US, as a graduate student.  I am involved in several environmental science outreach programs and enjoy teaching and communicating science in many forms.

Enjoy the comic strip and get in touch with me through the contact page for specific invertebrate comic requests!