spider soirée

Think your Mardi Gras dance moves are good? The Australian peacock spider’s are probably better. Because they have to be. Learn more about how peacock spiders dance for their lives in today’s comic: spider soirée

Also… it’s my 75th comic! And there’s no better way to celebrate than with an invertebrate dance party!

Keep the party going – check out this cool research on spider dance moves or just watch some freakin’ cute peacock spiders dance to disco.


pycnopodia ‘pocalypse

You probably have a plan for the zombie apocalypse….but what’s your plan for the pycnopodia ‘pocalypse?

Newly published research by Dr. Drew Harvell (Cornell University) and team has determined that populations of the Sunflower Sea Star have been decimated by disease and warming waters up and down the west coast of North America. Learn more about the plight of the Sunflower Stars in today’s comic: pycnopodia ‘pocalypse

Read more here.  Or here.  Or here. Feeling really ambitious? Read the actual scientific article.


magnet mouth

Brace yourself…chitons have some crazy teeth! Learn more about the super strong magnetic teeth of chitons  in today’s comic: magnet mouth.

Thanks to chiton researcher and enthusiast Rebecca Varney, University of Alabama, for inspiring today’s comic. Still interested? Check out Rebecca’s research on chitons and how they make their teeth.