The big 5-0!

IT’S MY 50th COMIC! To celebrate, I’m excited to release an extended full 2 page comic on a topic that is near and dear to my scientific heart: effects of ocean acidification. Learn more about the CO2 blues this week!

I originally made this comic as my write-a-thon submission for ComSciComPNW, a local science communication conference, and I’m excited to finally publish it after incorporating feedback from other grad students and communication experts.

On another note, I’m really proud that I have been able to consistently release comics every Wednesday for almost a year.  Grad school is hard and it’s difficult to make time for hobbies that keep you sane. Thank you for following Interviews with Invertebrates and holding me accountable for putting out new material.  To another 50!

To revisit the complete collection check out all my past comics!

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