hot date

We’re continuing our Black in STEM series this week with Dr. Renae Brodie, Professor at Mount Holyoke College, who studies fiddler crab behavior.

Is all this isolation getting to you? The fiddler crabs feel you. Warm temperatures cause fiddler crabs to retreat into their burrows and miss opportunities to find a mate. Learn more in today’s comic: hot date.

Learn more about Dr. Brodie and read her recent co-authored paper that inspired today’s comic. Also, five of the seven undergraduates who co-authored this study are also Black in STEM! So, definitely check it out!

And check out The Crab Lab in action:

barnacle buddies

Does being around your friends take the heat off you? For these barnacles, that’s definitely the case. Learn about how barnacle body temperatures are affected by others around them in today’s comic: barnacle buddies. Today’s comic is dedicated to my friend and fellow University of Washington graduate student Will King who defends his PhD on barnacles in a warming world today!

Barnacles are crazy critters. Get some fast facts here.