nematode noodles

What’s for lunch? Probably not a nematode…unless you are also a nematode! Nematode worms are known cannibals, but new research shows that they can actually recognize their relatives and will avoid eating them.  Learn more about these cannibalistic worms in today’s comic: nematode noodles

Hungry for more? Check out the study for yourself, just out in Science.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Even parasites deserve a Thanksgiving feast!

Undergraduate researcher Sarah Colosimo in the Wood Lab at the University of Washington’s School of Aquatic and Fisheries Sciences studies parasitic worms which feast on the gut content of harbor seals in Puget Sound (and gave a terrific talk about her work at WSN 2018!). Learn more in today’s comic, the second installment of “Interviews with Invertebrates… within Vertebrates”: gastric gathering

Happy Thanksgiving from Interviews with Invertebrates!