amphipod armor

Think you are good under pressure? Probably not as good as the deep sea amphipod Hirondellea gigas. Recent research shows these little guys manage the intense pressure of the deep ocean by making their own suit of armor. Literally. Learn more in today’s comic: amphipod armor.

Feeling pressured to learn more? Check out the study here.

holiday lights

Is your holiday light display as good as those in the deep sea? Probably not.

Despite being a dark place, the deep sea if full of beautiful light created by the animals that live there. Check out today’s comic: festive fanfare to learn more about this common characteristic of many marine animals.

Need more info? Learn more about bioluminescence here.

urchin searchin’

A real life underwater mystery machine! The submersible, Cyclops I (OceanGate), has been at the University of Washington’s Friday Harbor Labs through a collaboration with SeaDoc Society for the past week solving some of the scientific mysteries of deep marine ecosystems in the San Juan Archipelago. Check out today’s comic urchin searchin’ to learn more about the Cyclops I mission to find the deepest dwelling red sea urchin.

To learn more about the research done in the sub, check out the Seattle Times article on the projects!