date dance

I just finished up the first week of 2020 at the annual Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology meeting where I learned about some pretty cool invertebrates. Graduate student, Sebastian Echeverri, University of Pittsburgh, studies mating dances of the jumping spider Habronattus pyrrithrix. Add some new moves to your dance repertoire in this week’s comic: date dance.

Keep the party going with this article and video

spider soirée

Think your Mardi Gras dance moves are good? The Australian peacock spider’s are probably better. Because they have to be. Learn more about how peacock spiders dance for their lives in today’s comic: spider soirée

Also… it’s my 75th comic! And there’s no better way to celebrate than with an invertebrate dance party!

Keep the party going – check out this cool research on spider dance moves or just watch some freakin’ cute peacock spiders dance to disco.