krillin’ it

The path we take to adulthood is full of twists and turns and bad haircuts…not unlike these krill. Learn more about the krill life cycle in today’s comic: krillin’ it

Today’s comic was a really special one for me to make.  It’s in honor of my good friend, fellow grad student and mentor Anna McLaskey who is DEFENDING HER PHD TODAY! Anna studies how krill and other zooplankton are affected by changing ocean conditions. I am so proud of all she has accomplished and am excited to follow her journey as a scientist. In short, she’s krillin’ it.

Learn more about krill and their life cycle here.


bogus bunny

While you were eagerly awaiting the terrestrial Easter bunny this past weekend, I was seeking out the marine one, the sea hare. Learn more about this underwater “bunny” that’s not really a bunny at all in today’s comic: bogus bunny

Hoping for more (…or should I say hopping)? Learn more here.

nematode noodles

What’s for lunch? Probably not a nematode…unless you are also a nematode! Nematode worms are known cannibals, but new research shows that they can actually recognize their relatives and will avoid eating them.  Learn more about these cannibalistic worms in today’s comic: nematode noodles

Hungry for more? Check out the study for yourself, just out in Science.

spider soirée

Think your Mardi Gras dance moves are good? The Australian peacock spider’s are probably better. Because they have to be. Learn more about how peacock spiders dance for their lives in today’s comic: spider soirée

Also… it’s my 75th comic! And there’s no better way to celebrate than with an invertebrate dance party!

Keep the party going – check out this cool research on spider dance moves or just watch some freakin’ cute peacock spiders dance to disco.