barnacle buddies

Does being around your friends take the heat off you? For these barnacles, that’s definitely the case. Learn about how barnacle body temperatures are affected by others around them in today’s comic: barnacle buddies. Today’s comic is dedicated to my friend and fellow University of Washington graduate student Will King who defends his PhD on barnacles in a warming world today!

Barnacles are crazy critters. Get some fast facts here.

octopus optometrist

Think you need glasses? Probably not as much as an octopus in low oxygen conditions. New *eye-opening* research by lead author Lillian McCormick, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, shows that exposure to low oxygen levels can render some invertebrate larvae almost blind. Imagine if you lost your vision every time you held your breath! Learn more in today’s comic: octopus optometrist

Still curious? Learn more here.

Feeling ambitious? Check out the actual scientific article here.

amphipod armor

Think you are good under pressure? Probably not as good as the deep sea amphipod Hirondellea gigas. Recent research shows these little guys manage the intense pressure of the deep ocean by making their own suit of armor. Literally. Learn more in today’s comic: amphipod armor.

Feeling pressured to learn more? Check out the study here.

krillin’ it

The path we take to adulthood is full of twists and turns and bad haircuts…not unlike these krill. Learn more about the krill life cycle in today’s comic: krillin’ it

Today’s comic was a really special one for me to make.  It’s in honor of my good friend, fellow grad student and mentor Anna McLaskey who is DEFENDING HER PHD TODAY! Anna studies how krill and other zooplankton are affected by changing ocean conditions. I am so proud of all she has accomplished and am excited to follow her journey as a scientist. In short, she’s krillin’ it.

Learn more about krill and their life cycle here.