…and we’re back!

Hello again, folks. It’s been only a few short (…long) months since my last comic. We are still enduring a pandemic and have seen racial injustices reach what will hopefully be a much-needed watershed moment. I hope many of you have been following other science communication outlets over the past few weeks, like Black Birders Week, which have both celebrated Black ecologists and naturalists, and highlighted struggles and the very real need for diversity in science. I’ve been very inspired by these initiatives and acknowledge that is necessary for each of us to do our part to affect change in the avenues of influence that are available to us. While it may not be groundbreaking, this webcomic is the broadest platform I have available to lend support. So, I’ll be bringing back new comics again starting this Wednesday to exclusively amplify the research of Black invertebrate scientists over the next several weeks. As a Latina in science myself, I understand the value and power of representation in STEM, and I am excited to promote and amplify the science of some awesome Black scientists. Get ready invertebrate nerds!


3 thoughts on “…and we’re back!

  1. Thanks for using your platform to amplify black voices! I think your idea to feature black scientists adds an extra splash of impact to your already informative and fun intertidal comics. I loved them already and now I love them even more.

    Looking forward to your upcoming content,


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